Bidding on Priceline Hotels

Albeit a few people simply search for the least expensive inn charge and take a gander at area coordinations later, this isn’t the most intelligent system, except if you really wouldn’t fret staying hours outside of the city. Begin by narrowing down the correct goal and area where you need to remain.

Priceline presents anonymous properties inside a specific geographic zone. By and large, the bigger the city, the more zones will be advertised. While it’s satisfactory to offer on various zones, sooner or later in the process you’ll need to focus on a genuinely slender region.

Keep in mind, once you put an offer and it’s acknowledged, you have a coupling contract with Priceline for that room and your Mastercard will be accused of next to no expectation of a discount should you choose later you’d preferably be downtown than in suburbia. Just utilize Priceline when you’re prepared to make a non-refundable duty.


After you’ve chosen which goal you’re going by, Priceline will request that you enter the city and your movement dates. Make certain to twofold check your dates previously reserving the non-refundable arrangement.

When offering for a lodging, you’ll be at leeway on the off chance that you have adaptable travel dates. On the off chance that you don’t get the offer you needed, you can change the dates for your trek and attempt once more. Else, you’ll need to take a gander at an alternate lodging zone or star-level (quality).


The underlying pages on Priceline will indicate you inns in your coveted city. These are evaluated at rates that could possibly be lower than what you can discover booking specifically with the lodgings or some other travel organization.

Tap the “Name Your Own Price” alternative, and enter an offer sum for your coveted inn. At that point, name your coveted cost and if acknowledged, the offer is promptly charged to your Visa.

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Clicking your coveted area zone will uncover the star levels (nature of inns) accessible inside Priceline’s stock for that zone. Star-levels that aren’t accessible in your zone will be turned gray out, while the accessible zones will have hyperlinks that prompt depictions of what’s in store at that level of value.

tions for All Zones

Better offering relies on your exact review of star-level choices in different zones. This could take a few minutes in case you’re offering in a major city, or only a couple of moments in littler spots. Be that as it may, it must be done before you enter your first offer.

Influence note of zones that to don’t offer a similar star-level(s) on which you plan to offer. Try not to stress over the area of these zones since you won’t remain in any of them.

For instance, suppose one zone included 3.5-star and 3-star offering choices. An adjacent zone just had choices for 1-star and 2-star properties — nothing higher than that.

This is critical in light of the fact that you can securely click that zone when you re-offer, inasmuch as you don’t include one-star or two-star zones in your zone offering.

Keep in mind: Your offering session on a given day proceeds just as long as you can roll out one greater improvement in your offer, however that change require not be a higher cost. You can change dates, zones, and star-levels. On the off chance that all offers are rejected